Burmese Trout


Burmese Trout: Raiamas guttatus

Burmese Trout - fly fishing in Mae Hong Son province

The Burmese Trout is a pretty fish, not unlike a small Brown trout in appearance and habit. They are rather fond of #16 bead-head nymphs.

Burmese Trout fishing, Mae Sariang

Burmese Trout will also take dry flies and streamers.

Burmese Trout - Raiamas guttatus - Thailand

Present in all tributaries of the Salween River, Burmese Trout usually inhabit shady areas and muddy bottoms in deep hill streams. Adults usually assemble in clear water with moderate to swift currents. Juveniles are more likely to be located in quiet pools . Found in medium to large-sized rivers, flooded fields and rapid-running mountain streams. Source: Fishbase.org


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