What You Need to Know


First time visitors to any new fly fishing location usually have a few frequently asked questions, so we’ll add to this list as time goes on;

1.) What to wear?

We’ve got an outline of what you may need for fly fishing in Thailand.

Mahseer are spooky, especially in low, clear-water conditions, so blending in with the background is always a good idea.

2.) Are waders needed, or just wet wading at this time of year?

Wet wading is the norm, as in January the streams are low and daytime temperatures are pleasant.

3.) Looks like a 6 wt rod will work with a dry line?

A 6# weight rod is fine on the smaller streams. An #8 weight feels very comforting when casting in the bigger river’s ‘big fish’ waters, and even more so when the monster strikes!

4.) Is the distance between pools very long?

Not too different to freestone river & stream systems anywhere. As temperatures rise, fish are often more concentrated in the faster choppy water between pools because its cooler, has a higher oxygen content and contains more food.

5.) What temperature will it be in January?

Overnight temperatures are around 16 – 20C and afternoon temperatures are a balmy 25 – 30C.


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