Mountain Streams


Mahseer on light tackle – Yuam River tributary

What’s not to like about a boulder-studded stream in a deep mountain gorge? The sounds of birds echo between the canyon walls, accompanied by the endless cascading of water over stone as it makes its way from pool to pool… A #4 weight rod, a picnic lunch and careful progress up the small mountain stream – heaven on earth! Intent on surprising a wild Mahseer in its home lair, you are so focused and engaged that the hours sail by and the day is over all too soon.

There is pocket water everywhere… The biggest quarry often lies hidden in that fast white-water, under the foam and bubbles… The oxygen levels are highest in the fastest, heavily aerated water flows. The disturbances in the faster water dislodge aquatic insects and cicada and beetles are transported on the foam lines. That’s always the prime lie for the biggest and the best fish in the stream…

These are small streams… but they have some gorgeous fish… Mainly in the 1kg class, the deeper pools and runs sometimes yield Mahseer of up to 3kgs. In small water, even a 1kg Mahseer is a serious contender! You’ll need to bring your “A” game to land one, because these fish are aggressive fighters.

A big dry fly plus a tungsten-weighted #16 flashback nymph on a short dropper makes a great combination. All species present in these small waters will respond to either fly, doubling your chances of a take.


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