Thailand Fishing Trips

Guided Thailand Fishing Trips – Rates 2018/2019

Mae Hong Son Province:  Overnight Trips

Note: due to distance to Mae Hong Son province, we can only do a day trip into those river systems if you are able to stay overnight.

No. of Fishermen Daily Rate
One: 14,000 THB per day  (US$387)
Two: 10,000 THB per fisherman per day (US$277)

 Transfers: we can provide transportation from Chiang Mai (city hotel or airport) to Mae Sariang and back. Distance is 190 kms / 3+ hours each way.

Cost: 4,000 THB (US$111)


Chiang Mai Province: Day Trips

Day trips out of Chiang Mai city to the upper Mae Taeng River system.

No. of Fishermen Daily Rate
One: 11,000 THB per day (US$304)
Two: 11,000 THB per fisherman per day (US$304)

Note: No discount possible as the bulk of the fees are for access into the National Park and the village Fisheries Protection Zones.

Included in our Thailand Fishing Trips;

  • Guided fishing with experienced local Karen guides
  • Top grade fishing equipment is provided, if you can’t bring yours
  • Flies and leaders provided
  • Toyota 4WD transportation provided daily for fishing.
  • Access fees to river & stream “Protection Zones”
  • Snacks, lunches, drinking water, coffee, tea, and fruit of the season
  • VAT taxes included

Not Included:

Airfares, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, dinner and alcohol. However, if required we will arrange airport collection and transfers, and book accommodation for you at any of the recommended Mae Sariang accommodation options.

Accommodation: most people prefer to stay in one location and travel outward daily. Nearly all fishing locations are within an hour of the town of Mae Sariang. The most expensive accommodation in town is a modest US$65 per night in peak season… Staying in town allows you to do a little shopping and experience local restaurants. Alternatively, the more adventurous angler might enjoy homestay in a Karen village for a night or two, staying close to the river to maximise the fishing time.

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Note on Operating Costs

NG River Guides operational costs are quite significant. The terrain is often rugged, 4WD vehicles are usually essential and diesel is US$3.30 a gallon here. Access to the Karen village Protection Zones is a substantial cost because NG River Guides guarantee that we will:

  • Pay each Karen village community directly for the privilege of access to their unique fishery.
  • Pay a daily fishing fee per person varying from US$15 to US$25 depending on the zone size.
  • At least 1 Karen villager is employed to assist at each village… approx $10 per day.

In any given day, you will usually get to fish two or more Protection Zones, and those fees add up over a couple of days fly fishing.

The NG River Guides mission is to ensure that a demonstrably fair and generous proportion of our revenue goes directly to the villages that support the Fly Fishing Only, Catch & Release project.

Thailand Fishing Trips

The “Fly Fishing Only, Catch & Release” concept has found favour here, and your support of our guiding services makes a valuable contribution to conservation of the unique fisheries resource that we are blessed with.

Booking Confirmations

A Deposit of 10% will be Required to Confirm Your Booking.

(This can be made in US$ or THB via bank transfer or via Paypal’s secure credit card payment services)

Cancellation Policy

Deposits will be refunded up until 90 days prior to the booking date, less 10% to cover credit card charges, administration costs etc. Alternatively, you can remain in credit until later that season or following seasons etc.

Less than 90 days notice

Refunds are made on a pro rata basis, subject to negotiation as you may have cost us significant business, and we will not always be able to find another client for that day.

Less than 30 days notice

We may have already declined bookings for that day, costing us any chance of filling that day with another client. No refund is possible, but we are happy for you to remain in credit until later that season or for the following season etc.


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